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Tips to Protect Your Metal Buildings from Corrosion

02 May 15 - 08:53

Metal buildings are now a popular choice among homeowners due to its exceptional physical and mechanical characteristics such as durability, sustainability, versatility and cost-efficiency, which makes it the most ideal solution for economical constructions. However frequent exposure to the agents in the environment, especially moisture and oxygen make them vulnerable to corrosion or rust. Corrosion not only affects the look of your metal building, it also compromises the safety of your metal building. If you own a metal building, it is very important for you to consider protection from corrosion for it. Read below to know some tips to make your metal building corrosion-free.

Inspection is the first step to take for a corrosion-free metal building. Carefully inspect both inside and outside of your building. Also check your metal building for chloride as it is the most corrosive agent to steel and primary reason of deterioration of a steel building's coating.

Metal Buildings & Garage Buildings

Contaminants Removal
Remove all the contaminants from your metal building that might be affecting the structure. Remove the surface contaminants such as dirt and grease by powder washing the building. After that, remove paint and mildew from past coating with a steel brush dipped in abrasives. Finally, give your metal building a one last wash and let it dry before applying the coating.

Metal Buildings & Garage Buildings

Use Protective layer

 Apply a rust-inhibiting primer all over your metal building. Apply this coat to try and then apply a base coat or acrylic primer to the entire building. The thicker the coat you apply, the better it will protect your metal building against corrosion.


To ensure the durability and performance of your metal building, regular maintenance is mostly needed. This includes periodic cleaning and inspection of your metal building.  

Beside from all these, there is another way available to forget the tension of corrosion, just buy a high quality corrosion-free metal building. At Metal Carport Depot, we offer highly durable, anti-corrosion metal buildings in any size and shape as per your request. Our metal buildings are fully certified and come with special features to prevent corrosion. Just dial 1-800-324-5315 to place your order for metal buildings in any size and shape.


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